How to Overcome Laziness and Procrastination


We all yearn for success and the truth of the matter is, we have our own different approaches to achieving it. However, as the saying goes, the road to success is always under construction and as you chart the course, you will normally find pitfalls at every turn. Some of the common pitfalls are laziness and procrastination.

This article will try to explain some of the tried and tested ways of overcoming them but before we delve into the details, let us start easy by defining what these two terms are. Simply put, laziness is the lack of energy and the willpower to accomplish a task or endeavor while procrastination is the act of delaying or adjourning a cause. So, how do we overcome these great impediments to success? Join me to find out.

Limit your point of view

The first tip to overcoming laziness and procrastination is focusing on a few things at a time. We all desire to rule the world some day but Rome was not built in a day. Chances are, if you have so many things to accomplish at the same time, you will often be bogged down by the little demands of time as you will not be in a position to know what comes first. Therefore, the resultant failure to achieve these within your set time frames will naturally make you frustrated and too lazy to want to take up the next venture. It is, therefore, of significance that even as you have defined what you want to accomplish, limit your focus to just a few at a time.


Are we not familiar with the good old saying, “”if the mountain cannot come to Mohammed, Mohammed must get to the mountain?” In plain terms, you cannot scale to the top of a ladder without making some attempts to start at the lowest steps. At times, we feel so lazy that we cannot even start a task but truth be told, the desire to accomplish anything will only gain more impetus when you make the first step to accomplish it. Therefore, exercise is of paramount importance. Remember, you do not have to get it right the first time, what matters is that you have made an attempt.

Pursue Your Passion

Most of the times, laziness and procrastinations are caused when we fail at accomplishing a task we are not adept in. If you favor fishing over hiking but your cousin just won’t let you go fishing, perhaps you should ask yourself why you are accepting to make them happy at your own personal expense. Remember that at the end of the day, it all begins and ends with you so once you have identified where your passions lie, pursue them with energy and vigor, and without any fear of ridicule or criticism.

Give others a wide berth

Last but not least, you can only overcome laziness and procrastination by turning your back on the society. We all know that humans are good at pointing out the flaws in others and will often die before they can compliment you for any accomplishment. When you set out to pursue a cause, you will usually hear them casting aspersions on your ability to reach the end. The worst thing you can do in such circumstances is let their perceptions get the better of you. On the contrary, always seek to prove them wrong because no matter what they say behind your back, the energy needed to overcome the laziness occasioned by their idle talk will always come from your inner strength.

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