Most Wanted Kitchen Appliances for 2017


The kitchen is arguably the busiest room in the home. Whether you sit down for a meal or eat on the go, the kitchen is the room in the house where preparing and serving these meals usually takes place. That is why it is important to equip your kitchen with these items that are the most sought after kitchen appliances for 2017.

Kitchen Mixer

A kitchen mixer that includes multiple attachments is a must for the busy kitchen. There are many to choose from and come in all price ranges, but it is worth it to spend money on one that is versatile and will last for years. You can even match them to the color of your kitchen. Many come with useful accessories and attachment that multiply the uses of the machine. Other attachments such as meat grinders and pasta makers can be ordered for the more adventurous cooks in the home.

Pressure Cooker

This kitchen staple has been around for decades and cuts the hectic evening meal preparation down to a matter of minutes. Meals that normally take an hour or more to cook can be finished in a fraction of the time. The best pressure cooker is also a staple in food preservation. Whether you are maintaining a small garden on your back porch or are a gardening rock star, a pressure cooker is essential to canning foods safely to be enjoyed months later.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker or crock pot is useful to the busy family that lacks the time to prepare an evening meal. By preparing the ingredients in the morning, placing them in the slow cooker and setting the appropriate temperature, the whole family can come home to the amazing aroma of a meal that has cooked all day. Some meals can be done with as little as two or three ingredients. You can also flex your culinary muscles with incredible soups and stews that will keep your family begging for seconds.

Kitchen Blender

The kitchen blender is an essential appliance for any busy home. Whether you are preparing a quick scrambled breakfast, a fruity liquid refreshment in the afternoon, or a frozen drink at a party for friends, your kitchen will not be complete without a reliable blender. This also comes in a variety of styles and price ranges. It is worth it to spend the money on a blender that will compliment your kitchen for years.

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Most Wanted Kitchen Appliances In 2016


Traditionally, kitchen was the place where only cooking was done with whatever was available. But as time progressed, cooking has changed to more of an art than routine household chores. With invention of more and more electronic appliances and also non-electric appliances helps women as well as men to boast of elaborate functions which is transforming kitchen into a storehouse of luxury and also essential requirements. Although we women invest smartly in these machines, some of these equipment’s are masterpieces that are especially made to save our time and energy, Since kitchen have transitioned from a place for food preparation to a gathering place for friends and family.

Let us look at the must-have appliances in the kitchen.

Fridge: It is used for storing cooked and uncooked food to keep them fresh and reduce wastage. Some of the features we should look while buying fridge are capacity we need, space in our kitchen where to install it, obviously price is the most important factor. The price is also directly proportional to the capacity of the refrigerator. Also, purchase fridge with adjustable shelves to allow you to create more space. Another major factor is look for a high star energy rating appliance to save energy.

Water Purifier: In today’s world of pollution this is an essential thing to be kept in kitchen. Purifiers removes impurities and germs from water and make it potable. There are many processes of purification such as RO, UV filter, etc. A purifier with low maintenance and high in performance should be chosen.

Microwave Oven: Originally it was used just to heat cooked food but newer versions of oven can cook and bake too. Oven size and wattage are the important features to consider while buying.

Hand-Held Blender and Mixer Grinder: A convenient hand-held electronic blender to blend, grind and mix food is a must to have appliance in the kitchen. It should be low in maintenance and easy to clean. It should have long cord and sturdy container for blending, grinding and chopping purpose. It is very much easier to use compared to mixer grinder.

Coffee Maker: It is a requirement if you are a coffee lover. It should have easy cleaning features along with steam wand, water filter and manual water control.

Toaster: This small appliance is used to toast multiple types of bread. It is very useful for working people. The toaster should be energy efficient with double slot and crump removal tray for easy cleaning.

Food Processor: This electronic device is similar to blender. It comes with multiple blades and attachments so that you can do various things with same machine such as grating, shredding, chopping, mincing, blending, etc.

Knife sharpener: It’s important to always have your knives with good edger. An electric one is what we recommend you. With only 3 to 5 minutes of time you’ll have your knife sharpened again. If you already have one, we recommend you to check for an even better electrical knife sharpener that can renew your kitchen.

Hand-Held Electric Whisk: This device is used for continuous stirring, whisking and beating purpose. Basically to prepare batters for baking.

Rice Cooker: This is an essential device if you love rice and cook rice every day.

Sandwich Toaster: It is used to toast sandwich in easy manner. Other varieties in toaster include Panini presses, Grill toaster.

Apart from these other appliances that should be available in kitchen include: Electric chimney, electric kettle, soda maker, dish washer, chopping board, measuring cups and spoons and all types of utensils used in cooking.

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